10 Amazing Food Challenges That Every Foodie Should Know About

10 Amazing Food Challenges That Every Foodie Should Know About

Even if you have a stomach of steel, completing any one of these food challenges probably isn’t the safest.
1. The Eighth Wonder Burger:


At Clinton Station Diner in New Jersey, teams of ten compete to eat a 105 pound burger in an hour. Winners (there have been none) are awarded a $5,000 prize.
2. Moose McGillycuddy’s Omelet


Moose McGillycuddy’s in Hawaii offers up a dozen egg omelet with bacon, sausage, melted cheese and a side of toast. If it’s consumed in under an hour you’ll get a free t-shirt and photo on their wall of fame.
3. OMG Burger – Universal Cafe, Fort


Their six-layered love story called the OMG Burger is all about tender beef, thick cut cheese, lettuce, onions, and mayo served up between two slices of bread. Don’t forget the extra large portion of fries that snugly sit beside it.

4. Mission Impossible – 5 Spice, Bandra


After a rather large meal at 5 Spice, it is customary to end things on a chocolaty note with their Mission Impossible. They’ve named the dessert quite literally, because it is an impossible task to eat the giant wedge of mousse cake that they call a “slice” alone. 

5. The Grand Slam Challenge


This Fresno, California pancake house will give a t-shirt, your money back and a coffee mug if you eat The Grand Slam, a 25-inch pancake with 10 scrambled eggs, four ingredients you choose, a cup of cheese and two cups of potatoes, in 45 minutes.

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