Latest Instagram Trend: Have You Tried UBE Yet?

Latest Instagram Trend: Have You Tried UBE Yet?

No matter how you choose to prepare it, the signature purple color will be there— and it’s perfect for some Instagram Pictures! This is a purple yam (aka ube)


Ube has been used in Filipino cooking for ages. It’s even sweeter than a sweet potato, which makes it perfect for creating beautifully delicious desserts.

It’s is extremely versatile and can be incorporated into recipes by blending it alone in a food processor, breaking it down in sweetened condensed milk or other mixtures, or using pre-made ube jam.

It’s the latest craze on Instagram. Check Out Some Amazing Pictures Below

It’s used in all kinds of AMAZING looking desserts.

Going with the #purpleyam #craze I present to you an #ube #croissant #food #foodie #foodporn #eatwell

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All these pictures have got us drooling!!

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