This Coffee Could Keep You Awake For 3 Days & Here's How

This Coffee Could Keep You Awake For 3 Days & Here’s How

About 80 times stronger than a shot of espresso, this is not just coffee that will make you stay up for long. The drink was originally made for a nurse who had a surprise night shift and needed to stay awake. But after she drank the first incarnation of the Ass Kicker, she stayed awake for three days and no kidding.
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The people over at Viscious have toned it down a bit since then. If you need a coffee IV every morning in order to jump-start your day, it’s about time you learned about the ‘Ass Kicker’ and its potency. So what’s in it?

A quad shot of espresso
4 ice cubes made from 48-hour cold-drip coffee (each with as much caffeine as 2 espresso shots)
4 ounces of 10-day cold brew
4 more cold brew ice cubes

That comes out to a whopping 5 grams of caffeine (an average espresso shot has just 60 milligrams). To coffee connoisseurs, it could be an Everest they take as a challenge, but to some medical professionals, it sounds just plain dangerous. Scientists estimate that 10 grams of caffeine could kill you, while dietitian Tanya Lewis said that plenty of people have been hospitalized from a caffeine intake of less than half of what is in the Ass Kicker.

The Australian cafe does serve the Ass Kicker with a medical warning for those with high blood pressure or a history of heart problems. The staff also makes it a priority to explain that it’s meant to be consumed slowly over multiple days rather than chugged in a risky dare. So Try it at your own risk, We are not recommending 🙂 
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