Want Chocolate To Be Tastier And Healthier? Electrocute It !

Want Chocolate To Be Tastier And Healthier? Electrocute It !

We thought we could never improve on perfection, but apparently, science has.
Food scientists were able to find a way to make that chocolate less fattening and even better tasting. OMG, OMG OMG!!

Like all of the great discoveries in history, this all happened by accident. Rongjia Tao is a Physicist at Temple University in Philadelphia. He was trying to improve the viscosity of chocolate so there wouldn’t be clogging problems in manufacturing machines.

He previously did this with crude oil so that it can be transported easily through underwater pipelines. A consulting firm representing Mars Inc. approached him to test it on chocolate.

The first step was looking into chocolate up close


Chocolate mainly consists of cocoa solids and cocoa butter. The solids give chocolate its flavor and the butter contributes to texture.

At a microscopic level the cocoa solids look like marbles floating around a suspension of melted fat and oil. The solids, much like marbles on a jar, have a lot of empty space between due to their spherical shape, but can’t really move around much.

The spherical shape gave Tao and his colleagues an idea that will transform chocolate forever

Using an electric pulse technique originally developed for oils, they were able to turn the spherical cocoa solids into long, pill-shaped chains. This means there’s less space in chocolate molecules, and also less room for fats!

Because the chocolate is flowing freely, it doesn’t take much fat to keep the chocolate from clogging the manufacture lines. In fact, they found they could drop the fat content by 10% – 20%.

This development will lead to tastier chocolate with less fat in it


Not only that, this chocolate tastes even better! The cocoa flavor is enhanced because there’s more cocoa and less fat content in it.

This is a total game changer! Think about all the chocolate you can eat without feeling guilty !

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