Dog Emerges A Survivor After Being Thrown Off The Roof & It Is Heartwarming

Dog Emerges A Survivor After Being Thrown Off The Roof & It Is Heartwarming

Good news! The dog being thrown off the roof has survived and is looking as bright as ever in company of the animal lovers. An appalling video of her helpless situation was breaking hearts of people all across. Just when we all assumed that she must have succumbed to her injuries, she emerged a survivor!
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Since the video, animal rights activist and the police have been one their toes to nab the culprits and they have been finally caught after an FIR was registered by the man who rescued the dog from the spot. One of the animal rights activist involved in the investigation, Shravan Krishnan, ensured that the dog felt loved after the horrific incident.
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He gave her a name and introduced her to the world as Bhadra with the hashtag #bhadrathewarrior. She indeed is a fighter! Now we should also support ‘Hotel for Dogs’ run by Shravan. 

Antony Rubin, along with Shravan is helping the dog cope with the situation. He happily got himself clicked with Bhadra outside NDTV office and expressed hopes for Bhadra’s future on his social media. 

The Chennai Police arrested two people for the horrific crime of throwing her off a terrace. Both the accused have been identified as final year MBBS students Gowtham Sudarshan and Ashish Paul. They were produced before the Sriperumbudur Judicial Magistrate court but were granted bail. Really Sad 🙁

Bhadra has sustained fractures in 2 places: her right hind leg and her spine. Shravan informed concerned people on his Facebook about her stating, “Since the fractures have quite clearly happened around 2 weeks ago (the bones have already fused to a considerable extent), there is no doubt that this is the same girl as was seen in the video. She is still in a state of considerable shock and is not being difficult to treat, and recovery is expected to take 4-6 weeks as she is still quite young; in fact, not more than 5 months old.” God bless Bhadra!
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