Virat Kohli Visits A Dog Orphanage & Adopts 15 Special Needs Dogs

Virat Kohli Visits A Dog Orphanage & Adopts 15 Special Needs Dogs

Kohli’s love for animals is no secret – he is the parent of a Beagle called Bruno. Virat Kohli came out in support of animal rescue expressing his grave concern. Virat visited Charlie’s Animal Rescue Centre (CARE) at Jakkur to spend time with the rehabilitated animals at the rescue shelter.

For an hour, Virat could not take his hands off the animals around. He went around the centre, asking questions about how the dogs are rescued, rehabilitated and put up for adoption, as well as asking for adoption statistics and enquiring about the functioning of CARE’s trauma care unit. From a pup with an amputated leg to a dog with a tumour on his spine, another with renal failure and the five cats scurrying about the place – they all got his attention.

Sudha Narayanan, founder trustee, CARE, says the visit, “more his effort than ours”, was put together by their two young volunteers. “All we knew was that a VIP would be visiting the centre. We weren’t told who. We were asked to keep the place free of any media and have no one there except the staff and trustees,” she says. Imagine their surprise when in walked in Kohli, who was promptly pounced upon by the proxy-receptionist Dash, a special-needs Labrador who sits at the entrance. “And the way he handled Dash and our other animals was amazing. He really loves animals, and it was lovely to see the way he interacted with them.”

Kohli ended the visit by adopting 15 special needs dogs in the shelter – some of whom are blind and paraplegic. “We hope many of us will follow Virat Kohli’s act of kindness and help the needy, be it humans or animals”

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