10 Uncommon Things Men Find Attractive In Women

10 Uncommon Things Men Find Attractive In Women

Girls all around the globe strive to be the most beautiful or the smartest, the funniest or the sexiest and the list is endless. They fight with other girls because they want to be better than them, some kind of an advanced version of woman.

Who are women doing all this for, though? They do this in order to get noticed by the men. Like really? They can be the most perfect beings on this planet, but their crush still might not give them a second look. Ever wondered why?

We help you decode what really goes inside a man’s mind !We spoke to 10 guys and asked them about what attracts them towards a girl and trust us when we say this… The answers were really weird!

1) A pudgy stomach. Abs doesn’t appeal as much to me, but I can appreciate fluffiness, or muffin tops as they call it. – Anurag Ahuja, 25

2) A high and tight ponytail is much more attractive than you think. – Krish Goswami, 21

3) Clumsiness. Like a live version of Pheobe from Friends. Tripping, spilling things, knocking stuff over. Weird, but I like it. – Surya Menon, 19

4) Smokers, a girl lighting that cigarette sends shivers down my spine. And oh, a girl who can talk! – Herschel Rupani, 29

5) I always find myself being attracted to ladies with crooked teeth, especially the bottom ones! – Barun Sarma, 22

6) LOUD laughter. Annoying yet infectious. They catch my eyes.. and ears. – Pathik Shah, 25

7) A small nose. It’s like a button you keep want to pressing. Weird as hell but just being honest. – Atif Sheikh, 19

8) A confident girl with absolutely no make- up, no tight clothes and no fake accent is a win-win for me. – Jai Parekh, 30

9) Awkward nerdy girls with braces and big black frames look adorable and vulnerable. – Reynold Dsouza, 23

10) This goes on behalf of every guy I guess, a girl who eats! A girl who eats with us and without us. A foodie who doesn’t care a damn about the calories. Now, that is attractive! – Janak Jhaveri, 27

So, girls stop trying to be perfect! All a guy wants is someone real with some weird yet irresistible qualities after all. No one is perfect and nobody should strive to be perfect, either!

Identity Disclaimer: Names have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.

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