15 Reasons Why Every Girl Should Have A Guy Best Friend

15 Reasons Why Every Girl Should Have A Guy Best Friend

Every girl has that one guy best friend who’s been with her through thick & thin. Having a guy BFF has its perks and it’s downfalls but one thing that is certain is that they always stand for you. They have your back, you both know that this friendship will last long and strong. 

Here are 15 amazing reasons why you are lucky to have a guy best friend. Do these points remind you of your male bestie?

1. For listening to all your stories in loop and never judging you.
guys listen

2. For being your go to person, when you needed help.
guys are go to person

3. For keeping your secrets–the ones you can never tell your girlfriends.
guy bff2

4. For hanging out with you at the most random times in the most random places.
guys hang out randomly

5. For picking you up when you didn’t have a ride to go back home. (Even if it’s 3 AM in the night)

6. For helping draft that text to your crush.
text to lover

7. For giving you the best guy advice and making you realize how special you really are.
guys best wingman

8. For being your plus one to the awkward functions you didn’t have a date for.
guys become plus one

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