5 Steps To Make Your Girlfriend Comfortable With Your Female BFF

5 Steps To Make Your Girlfriend Comfortable With Your Female BFF

More often than not, we find ourselves in a fix. We find ourselves to be forced to choose between our female bestie and our girlfriend. And at times like these, we really wish we have a magical solution to this perputual problem! Here is our gift to you on this Friendship Day, may your girls be with you 😉

Follow these steps to enjoy an argument-free relationship because there’s no way in hell that we’re losing our girl besties, right?

1) Don’t Lie : If you are meeting your female bestie, be open about it. Tell your girlfriend! Think about it-if you found out that your girlfriend had spent the day alone with another guy and not told you, how would you feel? Shitty!


2) Intiate Group Conversations : Encourage your girlfriend to talk to your bestie! Make a whatsapp group & let the bonding begin! Just don’t name the group “Catfight, anyone?”.. Instead try “To new friendships”.


3)Send Screenshots : If your girlfriend demands to see a screenshot of your whatsapp conversations with your female bestie, let her. Just don’t forget to delete the flirty texts in between..


4)Priotize : Just because you are in a relationship doesn’t mean you have a valid reason to ignore your female bestie. Make sure you spend enough time with both of them.. Seperately.


5) Make her your sister : The most effective step. Turn your female bestie into your sister. Officially. On Facebook. Your girlfriend will be the happiest girl alive!


Happy Friendship Day !!

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