6 Reasons Why You Should Date A Dog Lover!

6 Reasons Why You Should Date A Dog Lover!

Dogs and love go hand in hand. Almost synonymous. When you welcome a dog home, you also welcome unfiltered happiness, unadulterated love and of course an unending bond.

Have you ever given this a thought – maybe, just maybe you could welcome the same amount of happiness with an ardent dog lover as well?

We list out 6 reasons why it’s worth dating someone who loves dogs! Bow wow.

1)They have BIG hearts – Some qualities just tend to rub off and this is the best one! Dog lovers are warm hearted, kind and affectionate. Have a problem at 3 AM? Call them. They will ALL-WAYS be there for you, in the good, the bad and the ugly.

dog bighearted2

2) Responsible and Mature – Bringing up a dog comes a close second to bringing up a baby. Picking up poop or cleaning up the puke, dog turn their owners into responsible and mature souls. A dog lover will own up to his actions and will almost always be the first one to apologise or to commit to a relationship.

dog mature

3) They are Loyal – Some people would say dog are loyal just because they are dependent on us for food and shelter, but when you see how dogs react when their humans come back after they’ve been gone for a long time, you know it’s more than just the food. Dogs teach their humans to be selfless, devoted and trustworthy. Give love but expect nothing in return!

dog loyal

4) Good cuddlers – Now, this is something we only dream of. A partner who cuddles with us, no? The answer is right here. Ask any dog owner who has slept with their dog, cuddling for hours and hours..

dog cuddling
5) They can read your mind- You don’t need to say what you are thinking, their sixth sense works great and they look deep in your eyes to know your state of mind.

dog reader


6) They know how to express affection- You will never have to pressure a dog-lover to say “I love you.” Being a dog parent teaches them  how to be open about how they feels. Sometimes it’s with words, sometimes it’s with treats, sometimes it’s a special scratch behind the ears — or the human equivalent of rubbing your shoulders. When he feels strongly about you, you’ll know. 

dog show affection

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