8 Things Guys Are Anxious About Before Going On A Date

8 Things Guys Are Anxious About Before Going On A Date

You think men don’t think or put efforts before a date? False! They are confused, anxious and prepare themselves well before a date. They want it to work out obviously, so you need to put your guards down and be yourself to let his confusion go away.

Here are few things that guys are thinking when they are getting set for their much awaited date-

1. Should I suit up or go casual?

suit up


2. Should I smell of a perfume or go natural?
smell of perfume


3. Would she come wearing a skirt or a dress?
hope she turns out in a dress


4. Should I try to be funny or reserved?
should i try to be funny


5. How to convince her that I have a real heart?
rowdy with a real heart


6. What if she has to leave early?
see you later


7. Should I carry a condom?
should i carry a condom copy


8. How to excuse myself out if things don’t work out?
how to excuse myself out


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