9 Ways To Be Romantic Even If You Have Met On Tinder

9 Ways To Be Romantic Even If You Have Met On Tinder

Dating in 2016 is a little…cold. All are for instant gratification. Tinder helps people meet nowadays through it’s location-based dating app. 

But it seems to us that relationships might have a little more spark if we implemented some of these admittedly pointless yet unarguably darling traditions. They’re packed with displays of affection and caring that goes a long way.  

1. Having a “song”
Your “song” captures the essence of your relationship. It’s a special melodic representation of your love—kind of like the secret password in a club.


2. Bringing flowers to a date
It’s a nice gesture and shows your date they’re not just another swipe on Tinder. Bringing flowers expresses you’re genuinely excited to spend this time with them.

3. Walking up to the door
Texting me when you’re outside is just lazy and HONKING is just rude.

4. The goodnight kiss
There’s nothing wrong with sex on the first date, but perhaps a good ol’-fashioned kiss goodnight might keep the flame of a new relationship burning a little longer. Just a thought.


5. Calling after a date
When I like someone, I’m like a cat in heat. I dont want a text and I don’t want to wait three days to hear from you again. If I’m going to invest in this, I need to know you like me just as much as I like you, if not more. As soon as you get home, call me and tell me how beautiful I looked tonight. Extra points if you do it from the car.

6. Talking on the phone until 2 a.m.
I would sit on the phone with my 6th-grade boyfriend for hours every night. We’d play 20 Questions and ask each other risqué questions like, “What kind of kisser do you think I am?” As an adult, going to work after an all-nighter of giggles and butterflies sounds totally worth it.

7. Men walking streetside
Keep me from falling into the street! Chivalry is taking a hit by a Honda for your girl.

8. Giving your full focus and attention
If you could at least PRETEND to be completely enamored by my presence, it will go a long way. Leave your phone in the car.

9. Going dancing


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