Guys Confess Why Long-Distance Relationships Do Not Work

Guys Confess Why Long-Distance Relationships Do Not Work

Relationships are efforts made effortlessly to make it work. Despite technology in our hands we still need physical contact to create closeness. Long distance relationships take out the absolutely necessary physical aspect of a romantic relationship but what is romance without a little, just little longing. The timeline of any relationship is dependent upon people and their personalities, the patience they keep and the sacrifice they make. 

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Here are some guys confessing about their long distance experiences and this will really make you come to a decision-

“The thing about long distance relationships is that they put an undue amount of stress on both parties. As it is, maintaining a relationship can already be difficult. A relationship should not be a constant struggle and that is what long distance truly becomes.” – Rajesh Bhutoria, 26

“I am now living with my girlfriend who I was in a long distance relationship with after I met her in college. I think it is a training ground for your communication as a couple. But it was not more than a year that we were apart and knew beforehand that we will end up like this. So, it worked out.”– Karan Chauhan, 28

“It is like some force is working to make you stray and be unfaithful. It is like intentionally agreeing to a dead bedroom when you agree to be in a long distance relationship. Might as well do a self-evaluation on your ethics.”– Jai Shetty, 30

“I wouldn’t want to start a new relationship long distance, but had not chickened out of continuing a relationship that went long distance. Trust, transparency, and communication become much more important when you cannot see each other often. I have tried it and grown apart because of trust issues. It is unhealthy for your peace of mind.”– Shreyansh Malhotra, 35

“I think even people who live in the same city should ask themselves if their relationship would work long distance. There goes my answer to the invalid question!”– Pratap Singh Rana, 32

“I don’t think they last because you need to have physical availability of your lover in a lot of situations – it is not in our nature to communicate via a phone or computer.”– Snehil Dasgupta, 29

“The distance is not the issue; it’s the insecurities you develop when you are alone. And in today’s times, do not except insecurities to not be the in-thing, sometimes the other side needs excuses to get out of the mess they created with their own hands.”– Amit Bali, 27

“As a guy and as someone with the experience at all kinds of experience at my age, I think I can say the 95% of guys know it doesn’t work.”– Harsh Bhatia, 48

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Identity Disclaimer: Names have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.

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