10 Rules That Every Woman Should Follow To Win Their Man

10 Rules That Every Woman Should Follow To Win Their Man

Women want the right man at the right time? Tough job! Well, there isn’t anything of that sort. You gotta make it right. Yes, your efforts will bring out the man you want out of him. Sometimes you think they are at fault, sometimes you feel they are not interested, but most of the times you are wrong about them. 

Key is knowing the male brain to avoid yet another heartbreak and to hold on to your guy. Here are 10 men rules that women must know especially the last three –

1. You can either tell them what to do or tell them how to do something. Not both the ways.
men dont tell him

2. If you say ‘nothing’ when asked what is wrong, guys will act like nothing is wrong. Just let it out!

3. Do not ask what they are thinking unless you want to hear about their work or sports.
men inappropraite


4. Be clear on what you want and stop giving subtle hints. There is nothing like hints at all, just be direct and straight with the guys.
men tell clear

5. If you really want a solution to a problem, reach out to your man. Just cribbing won’t solve the purpose.
men solution

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