Youngsters Confess About Their Experience In The App Dating World

Youngsters Confess About Their Experience In The App Dating World

If app based dating is matching like you always wanted, who is anyone else to judge. Love found whenever or however is the best feeling. But what if it hurts you or make you delusional?

Dating apps like Tinder, Truly Madly come with their pros and cons and we got talking with some youngsters who have used it or are avid users of it. It can be frustrating or fun, leave you with scary or scrumptious memories. Here are some candid confessions about the app dating world-

“It’s hard to keep your head up when you can assume everyone’s talking to a bunch of other people. So it’s a trap you get into wishfully.”- Yug Nigam, 28

“No one just dates, they digital date. And if you are in relationship, the app based daters just make your feel low.”– Niti Thakur, 32

“I feel that social media in general has really destroyed what it means to have a relationship off the web. The app based dating has instilled the fear that within no time we can be replaced by just anyone if things go bad. And that too with a few clicks on the mobile.”– Gaurav Chaudhary, 30

“It is sad that it has all stooped down to pick and choose. It is like a better worse version of arranged marriage over photographs.”
– Shraddha Rai, 27

“I have begun to like the idea of everything at our fingertips. I can’t say I’d have it any other way. Why commit to one when you can sample a bunch of different ones whenever you want instead?”– Anirudh Singh, 25

“I have made some really good friends through dating apps, not necessarily all turned out to be romantically successful but I enjoy the companionship of men I met. It killed my loneliness.”– Ishita Gupta, 35

“I am serious with this brilliant woman I met after swiping right. It was a random decision for both of us to join the app and meet people through it. We got lucky. Maybe you can too!”– Harman Seth, 29

“The way we interact with others is changing, fast, and that’s terrifying. Like, I can’t really remember the last time I had an in-depth, in-person conversation with a dude I was interested in. How messed up is that?”– Jai Shekhar, 30

“The Internet and social media allow you to meet many more people than you would otherwise, people you could never hope to meet in your day-to-day. And having a larger pool means you can find better people, and people who are better for you. I haven’t really met anyone yet but I have hope!”– Sharvari Pathak, 28

“Don’t make app dating the villain. Before dating apps there was dating by mail and before that speed dating and before that news adverts. We aren’t doomed.”– Chintan De, 24

“People are people, technology only changes people in ways that they want to be changed. 100 years ago I bet people were saying ‘What the hell are we gonna do about telephone culture?!?!”– Maina Treasurywala, 26

“Personally, I’m against Tinder. I just find it to be too subjective and superficial. People look at a pic or two and read a little bio and then decide if they want to date that person. It’s totally surface level. I can’t do that.”– Pritika Kadian, 23

“Either cupid needs to work hard, or dating apps will just take over. Get on the roads people, attend concerts, fests, meet, greet!”– Anuj Chadha, 27

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Identity Disclaimer: Names have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.

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