Here Are 6 Amazing Things You Need To Know About Maharashtra Start Up Week

Here Are 6 Amazing Things You Need To Know About Maharashtra Start Up Week

On January 17, 2018, the Government of Maharashtra launched the Maharashtra State Innovative Startup Policy 2018 with the vision to transform Maharashtra and achieve wholesome and inclusive socio-economic development by catalysing the growth of an entrepreneurial ecosystem that would be driven by innovation. The birth to Maharashtra Startup Week, a first-of-its-kind platform for startups is a renew age revolution.

Here are 6 amazing things you need to know about Maharashtra Start Up Week 2019-

1. The second edition of Maharashtra Startup Week will be held from January 28 to February 1, 2019 at Mumbai. The five-day event will provide innovative startups with market access and an opportunity to pilot with the government. This edition aims to recognise startups from seven key sectors – education & skilling, healthcare, agriculture, sustainability, (clean energy, environment, water & wastewater management) smart infrastructure & mobility, governance and financial inclusion/fintech.

2. The event will bring together startups, key startup ecosystem stakeholders and more than 50 partners under one roof. Apart from the pitching sessions by the top 100 startups, there will be exhibitions, workshops, speaker series, talks and VC Mixer, a one-of-a-kind initiative where startups get access to investors.

3. For the 24 startups who win, it’s not just the money, but numerous opportunities including Government work orders of up to Rs 15 lakh each. Funding and mentorship opportunities for the top 100 finalists from multiple investors and incubators in partnership with the Maharashtra State Innovation Society (MSInS). Select startups, apart from the 24 winners, will also avail benefits like access to exhibition space and networking with VCs/ ecosystem partners, access to specific ecosystem events, free credits from partners, international linkages and any other benefits, as decided by MSInS.

4. The Maharashtra State Innovative Startup Policy plans to nurture 10,000 startups by 2023 dispensing a massive capital of $71.5Mn (INR 5,000 Cr) for startups by 2022 will be a game changer for the economic sector of our country. Mahrashtra Start Up Week is the sole platform that gives the platform to tap unexplored B2G opportunities for your start up.

5. With an aim to generate 500K direct and indirect employment opportunities, there are going to be at least 15 incubation centres for startups in the state. You do not just relevance for the government, but are creating the much needed social impact, sustainability and scalability in India.

6. Last year, startups like Sagar Defence Engineering, S4S Technologies, Floating Canvas Company and Urvi Agrotech were among the 24 winning startups that showcased their potential to create social impact and bring positive change for the country. This year, it could be you at the Maharashtra Start Up Week!

It is a calling for startups across India to lend a hand in solving economic and social problems. So, what are you waiting for? Join hands with
Maharashtra Startup Week 2019 now!

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