Not An Achcha Din For Flipkart Customers

Not An Achcha Din For Flipkart Customers

India’s largest ecommerce player Flipkart promoted their ‘The Big Billion Day’ on every possible media platform. Reports have suggested that Flipkart has been heavily advertising for the day, made huge investments in the technology and logistics for today with 10,000 people to handle their field work. But looks like their infrastructure and website was not fully equipped to handle the traffic and orders.

Their promises failed to match the customer expectations. When all was said and done, Flipkart’s sale seemed more like booking a tatkal train ticket or a lottery game.

Large number of cancellations within hours of placing order, Out of stock messages, Page Not Found and large number of frustrated customers.

(Source – The Economic Times)

The feedback on social media ranges from customers accusing flipkart’s big billion day as ‘Chor Bazaar’ ; Big Billion Fool Day. One customer shared the anguish of large number of customers by demanding a 2 min silence for people who woke up early and spoiled their official holiday for the non-existent sale.

(Source – Twitter)

We are used to having websites give out wrong information, but today most of the popular items were out of stock from the get go and some weren’t even listed at all. Well played Flipkart (Or is it?)

(Source – Flipkart website)

Snapdeal is also trying to vie for attention. It is also promising some jaw dropping offers and discounts every hour. The Buzz Diary team is now looking into their performance as their advertisement reads : ‘For others it’s a big day. For us, today is no different’

flipkart vs snapdeal

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