Delhi Becomes The No.1 Polluted City On Earth & We All Must Act Now

Delhi Becomes The No.1 Polluted City On Earth & We All Must Act Now

Delhi is the most polluted city on Earth right now, and parts of the city has pollution levels almost five times those considered “unhealthy” by the US environment protection agency AirNow, reported CNN. 
delhi pollution

ISRO images have confirmed that neighboring states of Delhi might just have a mere 20% of blame to share, rest of it is the national capital’s fault!! 
Air Pollut

Salute to Delhi police men who are constantly breathing poison because it’s their job, rest of them will just blame the government and burst crackers on Diwali, never commute via public transport and showoff. 
delhi smog3

While the NCR is living a masked existence, the realization has not yet struck that it is no politicizing moment, but an emergency to be acted upon by everyone in their maximum capacity. Hundreds of schools in Delhi have closed due to dangerous air pollution.
delhi smog2

Why curse the paddy fields, every year the farmers go through the same ritual to grow crops and feed you. Let’s curse ourselves and convert our words into action. Hope these pictures from Delhi smog & pollution might trigger you to initiate the process in your cities too…
delhi smog4

A top Green Court has suggested the use of helicopters to make it rain over Delhi and Supreme Court has asked the Centre, “Do you have a plan before city shuts down?”

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