The Fascinating Friendship Story Of Obama & Modi

The Fascinating Friendship Story Of Obama & Modi

President Barack Obama is the first American President to attend Republic Day celebration, as well as the first President to visit India twice. But more interesting is the growing friendship between the two leaders.

In words of Modi, “In fact, far from the camera, when we speak, then we become closer to each other. Barack and I have forged a friendship. There is openness when we talk, and we even joke and share a lot together. I think this is a chemistry which has not only brought Washington and Delhi, Barack and I closer, but also the two peoples of the two countries closer. Personal chemistry between leaders is very important, and this can only grow.”

The bear hug on arrival-


Obama’s Namaste India-

President Barack Obama toasted the “dosti” between the US and India at a banquet at Rashtrapati Bhavan. President Obama also praised the PM’s “legendary work ethic”.

Barack Obama

Chai Pe Charcha-

Obama during the Hyderabad Garden joint statement mentioned, “Prime Minister Modi, thank you for hosting me, including on chai pe charcha. We need more of those in the White House.”

modi obama tea

Fashion & Style-

Obama in the banquet dinner at the Rashtrapati Bhavan said, “One of our newspapers back home wrote, “Move aside, Michelle Obama. The world has a new fashion icon. Tonight, I was thinking about wearing a Modi Kurta myself.”

obama modi michelle

Work Tips-

Obama exclaimed to the media, “I will share one thing, and that is we compared how much sleep each of us is getting. And it turns out that Modi is getting even less sleep than me. But of course that’s because he’s still new. And he suggested him, “After you’ve been doing this for about six years, maybe he’ll be able to get an extra hour.”

obama modi telegram

Chalein Saath Saath –

President Obama promised that deepening our ties with India is going to remain a top foreign policy priority for his administration. And he signed off by saying, “So let me just say Chalein Saath Saath!”

obama modi talk

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