Here Are All The First Time Moments From The 70th Indian Republic Day Parade

Here Are All The First Time Moments From The 70th Indian Republic Day Parade

70th Republic Day celebrated will all vigour and colour had some unique highlights. The national affair will showcase everything that India stands for. This annual display of our newer and modern military weapons, as well as achievements in different fields, will serve to renew our pride in our nation. The day began with a tribute to the departed soldiers when Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid a wreath at the Amar Jawan Jyoti.

Various facets of Mahatma Gandhi’s life journey were displayed by the 22 tableaux that rolled down the Rajpath during the 70th Republic Day Parade to mark the 150th birth anniversary of the father of the nation.

The Republic Day event has South African President Cyril Ramaphosa as the chief guest. After the hoisting of the National Flag and a 21-gun salute, gallantry awards — Ashok Chakra, Kirti Chakra and Shaurya Chakra — were conferred upon defence personnel with outstanding achievements.

Here we are taking a look at what happened at this year’s parade for the very FIRST time:

Sankhnaad, a martial tune created for the Indian Armed forces was played. Based on Indian classical music, this is the first original martial tune of independent India. The tune is composed of three ragas- Raag Bilaskhani Todi, Raag Bhairavi and Raag Kirvani. It was composed by Dr Tanuja Nafde, a professor, based on a poem written by Brig Vivek Sohal. It was accepted as the official martial tune in December 2017.

A woman contingent of Assam Rifles took part in the parade and Major Khushboo Kanwar lead this contingent.

The Daredevils Motorcycle Team included a woman officer in their team. The motorcycle display by Corps of Signal, was led by lady officer Captain Shikha.

Two projects of Defence Research Development Organisation (DRDO) including medium range surface to air missile, and Arjun armoured Rec and repair vehicle, were also on display.

Aged between 90 and 100 years, four veterans belonging to Subhash Chandra Bose’s Indian National Army, took part for the first time. The names include Bhagmal (100), Laltiram (98), Parmanand (99) and Hira Singh (97). Bhagmal had joined and fought for the INA in 1942.

Indian Army displayed the newly-inducted ultra light howitzers M777 and K9 Vajra. The artillery gun system M777 American Ultra Light Howitzers, was recently procured from the US and K9 Vajra, a self-propelled artillery gun made under “make in India” programme will be new additions this year.

Five Jaguar Deep penetration strike aircraft, in ‘Arrowhead’ formation concluded the Republic Day parade. Following the Jaguars were five MiG-29 Upgrade Air Superiority Fighters in ‘Arrowhead’ formation. Three state-of-the-art, SU-30 MKIs of Indian Air Force to execute the Trishul maneuver. The culmination of the parade as a lone Su-30 MKI flying at a speed of 900 km/hr split the sky with a ‘Vertical Charlie’ maneuver over the saluting dais.


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