Google Trips App Is Going To Be Your Pocket Tour Guide & This Is How

Google Trips App Is Going To Be Your Pocket Tour Guide & This Is How

Google just announced its Google Trips app. It is a personalized tour guide in your pocket. Can you believe what it Google getting into, amazing stuff! Each trip contains key categories of information, including day plans, reservations, things to do, food & drink, and more, so you have everything you need at your fingertips. And, the entire app is available offline — simply tap the “Download” button under each trip to save it to your phone. Aren’t you love with touring already?

The free app, now available on iOS and Android, gathers travel reservations from your Gmail account and organizes them into their own individual trips. It makes finding things like hotel addresses and confirmation numbers much quicker than digging through old emails. 
The app goes a step beyond just offering recommendations by also creating full day itineraries for the top 200 cities in the world. These can be accessed by tapping the Day Plan tile on the city’s page. 
Each Day Plan includes a list of sights complete with hours of operation and the estimated travel time between each location. Google Trips will automatically map out your itinerary to make your traveling more efficient.
You can also download individual packets for different cities to your phone so that they can be used offline.

But one point of caution! The effectiveness of the app will depend on the location. Since most of the content is user generated. If you are planning to visit little known places, then the app will have limited information to show. 

So Instantly plan each day of your trip and have it on the tip of your fingers…

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