Here Is Why & How Donald Trump Became America’s 45th President

Here Is Why & How Donald Trump Became America’s 45th President

Donald Trump has officially created history by becoming the first ever President elect who never ran for any political office. He is also the oldest President in US history. He was announced the 45th President of the United States Of America and not all could digest his victory.

His win is much more than a revolt against the elites and globalization. There were deep losses in overnight trading, stocks hit lows, protesters took to streets and even Lady Gaga took a sanitation truck to Trump Towers. Well, it was Americans who voted for Trump, why the crib and cry routine..
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It might surprise you but here are some images that show the reality. The American media got it totally wrong this time around.  So how did he emerge a winner? Because deep inside America will always remain a country for the white and more reasons might clarify-

Trump won basically all the states Mitt Romney won in 2012. Aside from those safest-of-the-safe states, Mr Trump was able to effectively firewall the states that Mitt Romney won in his unsuccessful challenge against Barack Obama in 2012.
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Even his insults of Mexicans, Muslims and women confirmed what his supporters wanted to hear—a non-politician who “tells it like it is.” He might not just act upon everything that he said as it was for the sake of campaign.

$200,000+ speeches at Goldman Sachs, the Clinton Foundation’s dealings with big-money favor seekers, etc., etc. Memories from the 90s were haunting, from the Lincoln Bedroom was for sale to Hillary’s secret email server, people were ready for Trump but her.
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He successfully projected himself as a champion of Americans ” Make America Great Again” and he won the White House! 

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