Indian Army, Navy & Air Force Jointly Expose Pakistan's Lies

Indian Army, Navy & Air Force Jointly Expose Pakistan’s Lies

The Indian Army, Navy and Air Force addressed a joint press briefing on the tension created by Pakistan after Indian forces executed counter- terror acts. Here’s everything that was said by Air Vice Marshal RGK Kapoor from the Indian Air Force, Major General Surender Singh from the Indian Army & Rear Admiral Dalbir Singh Gujral from the Indian Navy.


On 27th Feb 2019, at 1000 hours, IAF radars detected a large package of Pakistan Air Force aircraft heading to Indian territory. They breached and entered at Sunderbani. The ingressing aircraft were at various altitudes. IAF’s Sukhoi, Mirage and MIGs were tasked to intercept them. The PAF aircraft were attempting to target military installations but were foiled.

PAF bombs fell in Indian Army formation compounds but were unable to cause damage. In the aerial confrontation, one IAF plane went down. He ejected safely and his parachute drifted landing in PoJK.

Pakistan made a number of statements spreading misinformation:

The first was blatant misinformation about two IAF planes being shot down and three pilots. Two of the pilots were from F-16 that India shot down. Pak changed its statement four hours later.

Second, Pakistan claimed they intentionally dropped weapons in unpopulated areas. Fact is they targeted military installations. PAF bombs fell in Army formation compound, they were unable to cause damage due to swift IAF response.

Third, Pakistan also stated that no F-16 was used. There’s enough evidence to prove otherwise. Pakistan is trying to hide this fact. Also, AMRAAMS were recovered. Fact remains that one F-16 was shot down.

Regarding the air strike on JeM terror camps, he said, “There is credible evidence proving damage to the camps. The weapons hit the intended targets and caused the intended damage. It is premature to say the number of casualties. Whatever we intended to destroy we have got that effect. It is on the government and the leadership to decide whether to and how much evidence to give.”


The Indian Army is committed to maintaining peace and stability in the Kashmir valley. Our fight is with terrorism. Till Pakistan supports it, we’re ready to target all its terrorist camps and training areas. Ceasefire violations have increased since February 14.


The Indian Navy is in a high state of readiness and remains poised in all three dimensions, air, land and sea to defeat any misadventure by Pak in the maritime domain. I can assure you of resolute, swift and strong response when needed. We stand as one with the Army and Air Force to ensure safety and security.

On deployment of F-16s by Pakistan, Air Vice Marshal RGK Kapoor said, “This is a beyond-visual-range Air-Air missile. Pakistan has only one plane that can have AMRAAM. That missile’s parts were found in Rajouri East. Meaning they have used F-16. We have many ways of finding out what plane. There is an electronic signature. We have found that signature. We have that evidence. And the piece of AMRAAM is there. Pak media reports also show engine pieces. They’re not MIG 21’s. Seeing this, we can conclusively state that F-16 has been used.”

On our hero, Wing Commander Abhinandan’s impending return, Air Vice Marshal RGK Kapoor said, “IAF is happy that our pilot who had fallen across LoC is being released. When we see him back, we will we will comment further.” He expressed that this gesture should be taken in consonance with the Geneva convention.

Physical evidence of cover of AMRAAM missile fired from Pakistani F-16 aircraft found near the LoC in India was presented to the media for proof to further exposing the lie of Pakistan and its denial of the truth that it is harboring terrorism on its soil.

We bow down to the ace Indian Mig 21 Air Force Pilot Abhinandan who shot down the Pakistan F-16 fighter aircraft. If anyone in Pakistan was naïve enough to think they could use our hero Abhinandan as a bargaining chip, they should understand that we reside in New India. We do not fall for Pakistan’s lies and deception. We do not fall for their attempt to fool the world of their interest in peace. If they truly mean peace, they should deal with the terrorists living in their country. India has suffered enough since the past three decades and our national resolve is always tested. Our military option are finally invoked against terrorists. Everyone around the world needs to hold ground & push Pakistan till it breaks to counter the terrorists they are aiding. De-escalation should be from the position of authority as going back to dossier diplomacy is not an option for new India to counter terrorists hurting our nation and countrymen. India will lead this war against terrorism!



Here Is All You Need To Know About Strike By Indian Air Force On Terrorist Camps In Pakistan & Feel Proud. Jai Hind!

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