Mandana Karimi Ex Bigg Boss Contestant Is Kicked Out Of Her Husband’s House

Mandana Karimi Ex Bigg Boss Contestant Is Kicked Out Of Her Husband’s House

Mandana Karimi, who tied the knot with beau of two years just this year, made serious allegations against her husband, Gaurav Gupta and his family. The Iranian actress & model was last seen in ‘Kya Kool Hain Hum 3’ adult movie and her stint in the Bigg Boss house was quite controversial.

She has filed a case of domestic violence against him and his family. The couple after a subtle court marriage went on to throw a star studded reception for their friends and family. Just months into their marriage, Mandana has been driven out of her marital home due to reasons best known to the involved parties.

A report on Mumbai Mirror has Mandana revealing why she was forced out of the house. She said, “After an argument with Gaurav I had gone to a friend’s place to cool down and when I returned they didn’t allow me to enter the house and even stopped communicating with me. I have been out of the house for seven weeks now and I have been staying with my friends or in a hotel and it has really been a tough phase for me. Where will I get the money to survive?”

She went on to claim that she stopped working at the behest of her husband. Mandana said, “I stopped working after marriage at my husband’s behest. Gaurav wouldn’t agree to me acting in films or doing television so I stopped working completely after Bigg Boss and chose to work on my marriage and relationship. It wasn’t the smartest option.”

In an interview with another daily, Mandana even revealed that she was forced to convert as it was a precondition for the marriage which took place according to Hindu rituals. According to her, the real cause behind all her troubles was her mother-in-law desire for Gaurav to choose between Mandana and her as the newly married
couple planned to move out of their house.

Now here is what she wants & it is not divorce. In her petition, Mandana has claimed Rs. 10 lakh as monthly maintenance in addition to a compensation of Rs. 2 crore “for the trauma and agony caused, and loss of career and business,” reports Mid-Day.

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