Myntra Disowned An Insensitive Ad Made By An Agency But Is It Enough?

Myntra Disowned An Insensitive Ad Made By An Agency But Is It Enough?

The advertisement depicts the tragic segment from ancient India’s epic Mahabharata when Draupadi was being undressed in the Kaurava court. And it shows Lord Krishna shopping online for extra long saree! Cannot begin to imagine the creative shallowness behind this pathetic thought process. Probably this is being considered a fashionable by clans like that of ScrollDroll & Myntra!

The issue is not trivial. It just highlighted how a breed of English speaking urban dwellers, so called “modern people” live in their own world of non-apologetic snobbery minus any sense of respect to anything because all they want is their freedom of speech.

Indians on Twitter are out to boycott Myntra. But why not I ask? It’s not about boycotting the brand, it is symbolic gesture that people are using to show their anger. Must have been a shocker to Myntra but must say they have a pretty inefficient team who didn’t even know of some advert circulated back in February carrying a hurtful religious overtone.
How can it be possible that an ad agency without its client approval went ahead with publishing their advertisements online? It is easy discarding association with such controversial online entities when the company is as big as Myntra. For those unaware of the ecommerce scenarios in India, Myntra got owned not long ago by Flipkart and may have acquired Flipkart’s defence mechanism as well.
ScrollDroll, in a series of tweets, apologised for making and sharing the poster. Apologize better, I say! Apology, not accepted!!! I hope this agency do not get undue publicity, not even negative. What right any of them have to hurt religious sentiments, what if they are of Hindus. Suddenly feels like people do not have faith, just freedom of speech!


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