OMG!! Google Just Invented A Time Machine!

OMG!! Google Just Invented A Time Machine!

Well, Almost! Google Time Machine is here. 

It’s probably the most famous city in the world, and considering how often we’ve seen it portrayed in books, television and what seems like every indie movie ever made, you’d think we’d be tired of it by now.

We are talking about NEW YORK of course

Seriously, after over 100 years of fictionalization is there a side of New York left that we haven’t seen?

Answer: Yes. In collaboration with the New York Public Library, developer Dan Vanderkam has been working to recreate the Big Apple as we’ve never seen it before—at least, not in this lifetime.

Curious what the 5th Avenue Fourth of July Parade looked like in 1918? Well, there were fewer fireworks and more…Vikings?

Source: New York Library
What about ice skating in Central Park in 1905?

Source: New York Library
Columbus Circle: Present Day

Source: New York Library
Columbus Circle: 1930.

Source: New York Library
Immerse yourself in the history here, but history beware, You might not want to come out.

We hope someone does this for Mumbai Or Delhi soon too !!

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