These Pictures & Videos Show How Rains Bring Mumbai To A Standstill

These Pictures & Videos Show How Rains Bring Mumbai To A Standstill

Incessant rains have once again lashed Mumbai and flooded the lives of many on their way to school, college and work. Mumbai rains are definitely meant for the bravehearts, as you see the pictures and videos you will understand how rains bring Mumbai to a standstill and how tolerant a Mumbaikar is.

This is the view of the Dadar- Parel bridge.

Train services along the lines of Western Railway have also been affected, as Nalasopara station is flooded which has disrupted services between Vasai-Virar stations. Western Railway trains have been delayed and AC trains services have been suspended Tuesday. BEST buses have also been charting diverted routes since morning. The NDRF team has rescued 411 stranded passengers from the Vadodara Express at Nalasapora. The water level at railway tracks in Nalasapora had risen to an alarming 460mm.

The NDRF team rescued 23 people so far in the flood-affected Palghar district, nearly 400 salt pan workers and their families from Palghar district’s Manickpur village are stranded.

Most railway stations are waterlogged in Mumbai. And take a look at Matunga roads!

Potholes have reappeared on several roads of Mumbai, putting commuters especially those on motorbikes, at risk.

Air India Express flight IX213 from Vijayawada to Mumbai avoided major accident while landing on alternate runway 14 due to closure of main runway 27. The aircraft had touched down correctly and used maximum braking but due to the slippery conditions caused by heavy rain, the aircraft stopped 10 feet beyond the runway end on the paved stopway. No damage to aircraft or airport property or injuries to any person was reported. The aircraft taxied on its own power to the parking bay. Mumbai has been experiencing heavy continuous rain and the reason for the poor slippery conditions of the runway will be investigated.

Maharashtra minister said there is no water logging. BJP Spokesperson Sambit Patra comes up with proof against it.

Between 8.30 am and 5.30 pm on Monday, the Colaba observatory recorded a rainfall of 104.8 mm. The city received 54 per cent of its average monsoon season rainfall just in the last 20 day, the city’s civic body noted. Santacruz surpassed its monthly average #rainfall of July. It has received 860 mm of rain against the normal of 840.7 mm. We expect moderate to heavy rains to continue for at least the next 24 hours.

Meanwhile, a bar was sympathetic and served some garam chai with Parle-G to people stranded! So, people are not driving drunk, they are just avoiding potholes!

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