PM Narendra Modi & His ‘Bharat Ki Baat’ In London Will Amaze You

PM Narendra Modi & His ‘Bharat Ki Baat’ In London Will Amaze You

Prime Minister Narendra Modi got a massive reception at the Westminster Central Hall where he addressed a enormous gathering of the people from the Indian diaspora. His dialogue ‘Bharat Ki Baat, Sabke Saath’ was moderated by Prasoon Joshi, CBFC Chief & Poet.

India is going to invest over a billion pounds in the United Kingdom. India and the UK signed multiple agreements and MoUs when Prime Minister Modi met his British counterpart Theresa May at her official residence 10 Downing Street yesterday. Both countries decided to deepen ties, especially in the areas of technology, trade and investment. Even Vijay Mallya and his extradition was a topic of discussion, as per ANI sources.

PM also attended the Commonwealth Heads Of Government Meeting. This was the first time in a decade that an Indian Prime Minister will be attending the event which is held every two years. India got a special invite wherein Prince Charles traveled to India and personally invited Prime Minister Modi for the event. Queen Elizabeth too sent a personal note inviting the Prime Minister.

Here are some statements that he made during his address that got lauded and there were many whistles from the crowd as well-

“18,000 villages did not have electricity. So many women do not have access to toilets. These realities of our nation did not let me sleep.”

“I do not need to read books to understand poverty. I have lived in poverty, I know what it is to be poor and belong to the backward sections of society. I want to work for the poor, the marginalised and the downtrodden.”

“I don’t want to run a government that does not listen to people. Peoples voices are paramount for my government.”

“Today the need of the hour is to make development a mass movement.”

“In order to eradicate poverty, we need to empower the poor not feed them.”

“I will go to Israel and I will even go to Palestine. I will further cooperation with Saudi Arabia and for the energy needs of India I will also engage with Iran.”

“I keep myself fit because I don’t want to be a burden on anyone and health is the greatest wealth one can have in his life. Not money or riches, one is rich because of his health.”

“I have never indulged in counting the number of rape incidents in this government and that government. Rape is rape, be it now or earlier. It is extremely sad. Don’t politicise rape incidents.”

“I digest 1-2kgs of abuse (gaali) every day. I never get tired. For me my 1.2 billion people make up my family. I care for them like my family, serve them like my own.”

“Some call it Modi Care, but we call it Ayushman Bharaat. With this health scheme we want create health centres in villages that will cater to at least 12 villages in its vicinity. The other is preventive health care like yoga. We have extended maternity leave to 26 weeks.”

“India is one of the highest contributors to peacekeeping missions.”

“We were never after anyone’s land. You would know that in both the World Wars, Indians never fought to occupy land from anyone else’s territory. So we also want to keep our territory to ourselves. But when someone decides to use terrorism as a means to do harm to others, Modi knows how to reply to that in the same language.”

“I am happy to be critisised alone. Attack me but not my people. My concept is Team India. If India has a million problems, it has a billion solutions too. I have full faith in the people of my country. Vikas is a Jan Andolan.”

“Mahatma Gandhi turned little things into the Independence Movement. People listened to him and even made their simple occupations into a movement, like cleaning the roads and surroundings. But post Independence, this sense was lost and everyone left it to the government to do everything. People should take it on themselves to make things happen, not wait for the government. People should take it on themselves.”

“People are equivalent to Gods in a democracy.”

“It’s the power of India’s democracy that allows a ‘chaiwaala’ to enter a royal palace, where access is restricted to a few families.”

“Impatience is not a bad thing. If a person has a cycle, a person aspires a scooter. If a person has a scooter, a person aspires a car. It is nature to aspire. India is getting increasingly aspirational.”

“My country expects big things of me. They have expectations and it is a great thing for me. When there is work being done there are a lot of questions that are asked but I am not perturbed by this. Earlier, people would be satisfied with the incremental work that was being done, now they are not.”

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