Rahul Dravid Declines Honorary Doctorate Degree & Here Is Why

Rahul Dravid Declines Honorary Doctorate Degree & Here Is Why

Former Indian cricket captain and batting great Rahul Dravid on Wednesday declined to accept an honorary doctorate degree conferred on him by the Bangalore University. Whoever has gone through the hardship of earning a doctorate degree knows the amount of time and patience demanded to accomplish the research.

Many times we have heard about celebrities being awarded with an Honorary Doctorate on the basis of their achievements in their fields. Well it seems a valid justification for some, but there are many who don’t deserve it. But when a person like Rahul Dravid is given such an honour, you wonder why he would he not accept it when he really deserves it. He has a reasoning that will make you respect him even more as a person.

The Bangalore University has come out with a press release which states that Dravid “in all humility declined to accept the honorary degree.” The release further states that Dravid “would try to earn a Doctorate Degree by accomplishing some form of academic research in the field of sports rather than receiving an honorary degree.”

He is a gentleman, on and off the field and he proves it time and again!

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