Where is Rahul Gandhi? Revealing His Sabbatical Destination!

Where is Rahul Gandhi? Revealing His Sabbatical Destination!

Rahul Gandhi, Congress Vice President Returns to India After 57-Day Leave of Absence. His absence sparked social media speculation. Everyone was asking #WhereIsRahul during Parliament’s budget session.

And the nation wants to know whether Rahul Gandhi is seeking leave from party or seeking leave to party?

He is making the editors of big news channels and newspapers read things into it

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And even AIB has come out and hit on him …

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Remember the day when he went biking to a Uttar Pradesh village and ate food out of a poor man’s plate. But that looks out of question.

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Here are 5 places where you might just spot Rahul Gandhi doing what he does best..
Or if put in politically correct terms, here are 5 places where you can find Rahul Gandhi using time to reflect on recent events in his life and party-


Bangkok – According to a leading English news channel, he pushed off to Bangkok for reasons unknown.


Dubai- Guess, he loves shopping too.. Hope, he has an amazing nightlife!



London- London too has been his favorite destination, as he worked with a global consultancy firm ‘Monitor’ over there. Talk about varied professional interests..



Madrid- The largest city in Spain, we think he ain’t sitting in the 19th century national library building and exploring history..



Greece- For the picturesque locales in Greece, can we complain he has a fancy for beauty? He seems like ‘nature’ person.


A sabbatical within a sabbatical. Rahul Gandhi seems to be in a big budget real life movie! What do you think?

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