This Indian Bank Pledges Millions To UK College. Why Not To Education In India?

This Indian Bank Pledges Millions To UK College. Why Not To Education In India?

Yes Bank, India’s fifth largest private sector bank, has pledged 1 million pounds to London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) to support the IG Patel Chair – named in honour of the former RBI Governor and former Director of LSE. While there have been alarming concerns of education within the country, a hefty amount of money going out of India in the name of education should not go unnoticed. 
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New Education Policy (NEP) by HRD Ministry, Government of India, headed by Smriti Irani said that with the objective of encouraging merit and promoting equity, a National Fellowship Fund, primarily designed to support the tuition fees, learning materials and living expenses for about 10 lakh students will be created. The Government will set up an apex body of experts to look into remodelling and strengthening of AE programmes and develop scientific criteria for assessing the learning outcomes of adults in literacy, skill development, prior learning and equivalency for certification which may also facilitate entry into the formal education system.  
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Why not this money be put by Yes Bank to education in the rural areas where country men remains thirsty for knowledge and hungry for money to send their children to school. Don’t you think, Major Indian corporate needs to contribute to Indian education system… 
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