This Thought Provoking Video By Bournvita On Exam Time Sale Will Make Parents Look Beyond Marks

This Thought Provoking Video On Exams Will Make Parents Look Beyond Marks

With exams around the corner, and stressing every kid around, Bournvita decided to set up a Clearance Sale. Yes, not the perfect time to go shopping. But this one is not just about sale, it is about the sale of soul. When curious shoppers walked in, they experienced the unexpected, changing the way they looked at exam time. Watch the video to find out how these little kids are cheerfully setting up a clearance sale that will make you think things-

What are we really doing with children who we call the future of our nation? Since ever it has been about marks, not gaining knowledge. Parental verbal aggression alone as separate and distinct from physical punishment contributes to lowering children’s self-esteem and school achievements, according to reports. Share this as much, maybe it will save a child from crying themselves to sleep!!!

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