Not Indigo & Go Air But These Airlines Are Putting Your Life In Danger & Here Are The Shocking Facts

These Airlines Are Putting Your Life In Danger & Here Are The Shocking Facts

Jayant Sinha, Minister of State for Civil Aviation, revealed not just shocking facts but mindboggling stats on technical snags reported by airlines flying in India. A total of 24,791 “defects/snags” were reported by airlines in 2017, according to the data provided by the minister. “Snags have increased due to increase in a number of aircraft in the airline and increased number of flight sectors,” Sinha said. Why is our life in air at risk? Why did the airlines hide the facts of their snags?

“Technical snag (defect) means a condition existing in an aircraft (including its systems) or aircraft component arising from any cause other than damage, which would preclude it or another aircraft component from performing their intended functions or would reduce the expected service life of the aircraft or the aircraft component,” Sinha added.

Out of last year’s total,

Jet Airways planes had 9,689 snags out of which 6,535 snags were in Boeing 737, 990 in Boeing 777 (B777), 831 in Airbus 330 (A330) and 1,333 in ATR.

SpiceJet reported 4,903 snags. 2,910 snags were reported with respect to Boeing 737 to Boeing 737 and 1,993 related to Bombardier Q400.

Air India had 4,563 snags. As per the data, 337 snags in A319, 482 in A320 and 354 in A321 planes. The number was 48 in the case of B747-400, 226 in B777 and 497 in B787.

GoAir, AirAsia, Vistara, Indigo reported (1,888), (1,367), (1,225), (340) snags respectively.

The issues with the A320 Neo aircrafts have led to cancellation of 48 flights, which are not being operated as part of the curtailed schedule. Launched in December 2010, Airbus A320neo is one of the fastest-selling aircraft in history. IndiGo, which operates 1,000-odd flights per day, has had to replace Pratt & Whitney engines on its 32 A320 Neo aircraft at least 69 times in the period May 2016-November 2017.Of the total 11 A320neo aircrafts that have been grounded due to faulty engines, 8 belong by IndiGo.

GoAir has also announced that it is cancelling 18 flights from March 15 to 24.

While, Indigo & Go Air have grounded flights, can the other airlines explain snags in hideous numbers in the year gone by? Only 5% out of 1.3 billion Indians travel by air, yet the total revenue of the airline industry is around Rs 2 lakh crore, industry currently employs about 2 lakh people directly and about 1.2 million people indirectly as per stats given by our Minister. The number of snags by Jet, SpiceJet & Air India are shocking beyond measure. With the fancy globe trotting Jet Airways topping charts of snags, SpiceJet hiding their real face behind mushy irrelevant advertisements, when will the time come that common people will really get answers on why their lives are considered trivial?

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