New App 'Sarahah' Is Going Viral & Here Is Everything You Need To Know About It

New App ‘Sarahah’ Is Going Viral & Here Is Everything You Need To Know About It

Yes, it is easy to appease the millennials. Just throw in a brand new thrilling app in the Internet world and they will catch it like it’s the cupid arrow. The new fodder to their social media dilemma is an app called ‘Sarahah’. Sarahah, an Arabic term which means – ‘honesty’ is becoming the new internet sensation and is spreading like wild fire. Wondering what is it? It is an application available on both iOS and Android. If you’re on Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat you must have seen your news feed flooded with messages posted on those green bordered pop-ups.

So, now the question is, if it’s a mere app, why is everyone talking about it? Well, it is because of this unique feature of the application where you can send messages to people without revealing your identity. At one end that sounds crazy, sending messages to someone and that person will not even get to know your identity. So, social media is finally making people say things that can never muster courage for? Or this is just an attempt to excite the narcissistic bunch of youngsters who think of only themselves? Honestly, haven’t seen anything hailing narcissism as this on social media.

Sarahah was introduced back in February this year as a website, but was later turned into an application. It is the brainchild of a developer from Saudi Arabia – Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq. It helps users ‘improve friendship by discovering strengths and areas for improvement’ and ‘let your friends be honest with you’ (but that can be done in the offline world too,right?!) This app can easily show you how disgusting our society is getting every passing day. But it is a choice you make, you can be casual about it and just take it like a game.

The consequence comes with its cons, it is definitely going to be a major cyber-bullying concern in the real world. Just be careful discovering yourself while on it.

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