This Video Of Sachin Tendulkar's First Ever Interview To Tom Alter Will Inspire You

Video Of Sachin Tendulkar’s First Ever Interview To Tom Alter Will Inspire You

You know the legendary icon, Sachin Tendulkar for the greatness he has achieved as a person and cricketer. His humility is awe inspiring and a lesson to all on way to success. When Sachin Tendulkar was interviewed by Tom Alter in 1989, we bet Tom didn’t have a thought that he was talking to one of the greatest cricketer world will ever see. But still he was bowled by this cute boy telling him things about his game in his usual shy manner.

Veteran film, television and theatre actor and Padma Shri Tom Alter died battling skin cancer. One-time sports writer and author, he has his youthful exuberance intact that is remembered by one all all. Sachin Tendulkar pays tribute to the ‘true sports lover’ who he fondly misses.


Here is an introvert young Sachin Tendulkar talk to Tom Alter for the first time of television. Sachin shows flashes of his future greatness when he says he is not afraid of fast bowling as the ball comes straight on his bat and that is straight from his heart. Watch Tom Alter and Sachin’s camaraderie in this rare video-

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