PM Modi Will Make You Stand Up Against Corruption & You Need To Watch This

PM Modi Will Make You Stand Up Against Corruption & You Need To Watch This

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the issues related to ongoing demonetization action. After the government announced that Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 bank notes would no longer be legal tender has come as a shock to many. The ensuing days have witnessed chaos with long queues of people outside banks to exchange their hard-earned money and turning empty handed from ATMs. “These 14 Clarifications About Old & New Currency Will Answer All Your Queries. Read Here”

In a combative & emotional speech, PM Modi has directly talked to Indians. He expressed that he feels our pain and this move must not be mistaken for a display of arrogance. It is a well thought through scheme for the welfare of the honest. Here is what he said upon getting emotional about leaving his home for the sake of country-


He said that there are forces who will not bear this daring move of his and will try to destroy him. He also acknowledged that he has full faith in the honest commoners that they will put up with the currency crunch for 50 days. Every Indian needs to watch this video before questioning demonetization.-


He stressed that he has seen poverty and understand people’s problems. He assured that the Government will never trouble innocent citizens and at the same time the Government wants to ensure those who are guilty are punished. Here is how he got support from indians and the response will overwhelm you-

He concluded by confessing that there are other projects in his mind to stop dishonesty and corruption in the country. So, the B market, that is, people with black money, benami property, beware, our PM is not done with you yet!

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