Best Indian Short Films On Child Labour You Need To Watch Right Now

Best Indian Short Films On Child Labour You Need To Watch Right Now

The World Day Against Child Labour aims to raise awareness and activism to prevent child labour. Here are some outstanding & thought provoking Indian short films on the issue of Child Labour & Child Labour Act.

This critically acclaimed short film is about Bholu, a boy of 12 years who has to leave his school and work in a hotel due to big family tragedy to survive. But the hotel owner gets arrested on account of Child Labour Act, for keeping an underage child at work. This film will make you think what is more criminal, child labour or hunger? The reality is painful.. This film from Six Sigma Films Channel is heart touching..

This one of the best short films on child labour, in just 2 minutes, shows the feelings and dreams of a boy who instead of going to school has to work at a tea stall to earn for his family. Watch this film from Six Sigma Films Channel which spreads the word – “Send Children to School not to Work”.

A young boy Chotu works in a garage, the garage owner makes him work very hard, while his son of the same age goes to school. But one day, everything changes. This inspiring short film from Six Sigma Films Channel will make you work towards educating poor kids.

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